With Butterfly Devotion

With butterfly devotion, I'm to try and make my way.

Grace and heart through each emotion, and a praise for each new day.

And of love forever glowing, for the sake of all that's free,

with the truth found in the knowing, there'll be light in all I see.


With butterfly devotion, in the spirit I'll remain.

Faith in God to spark my notion, just to always stay the same.

And a wish for peace around me, up above me, and within.

And a prayer life never grounds me, from these movements on the wing.


For love's vision everlasting, here to make it all shine clear,

though my time, dear, so in passing, and quite bound to disappear.

So I'll try and make my way here, on this scene among the view,

'cause as long as I'm to stay here, my devotion always true.

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100 Is A Great Number




(A milestone on


to be celebrated!)



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Thank You so much...

Thank You so much. I highly appreciate your kind words and comments in relationship to my work. Take care.





May 12, 2018.