I wanna . . . .

I wanna spend some quality time with you,
get to know the ins and outs of you,
I wanna explore every portion of your eyes,
the way they light up when ever we mmmmmm,

I wanna talk about any and everything,
I wanna excite your mind and every sense,
I wanna exchange ideas and goals,
I wanna release my soul....

I wanna taste every inch of you,
not leaving one ounce of you untasted,
I wanna explore your lips and tongue,
the curve of your neck and and jawline,

I wanna let my fingers explore unknown,
and untouched places, I wanna go where
no woman ever dared to go before or will again,
yeah I wanna be more than just a friend....

I like the way you touch me so delicately,
the way your nose brushes against my hair,
yes I noticed how you enjoy my scent and
oh yeah sweety I wanna enjoy yours too!

I mean I wanna get down and funky with it,
do things till the moon falls back around and
the sun kisses the sky....
Yeah baby I wanna fly so high with you....

I hope you wanna too . . . .

Copyrights 2011-2015 Chicahuac Necahuatl

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just how I'm feeling right now!

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