In The Name Of Jesus Christ

1492 began the enslavement of our beautiful continent
In the name of Jesus Christ they invaded and stole,
In the name of Jesus Christ they brought the small pox.

In the name of Jesus Christ they raped our women
in the name of Jesus Christ they burned our men alive,
in the name of their false god Jesus Christ.

Over 500 years and our people are still enslaved
in the name of Jesus Christ,
be a servant, a slave, and die before you see Heaven.

While the invaders live off the wealth of our lands
they live good off of our riches and resources,
and they don't worship Jesus Christ.

It's said that Jesus Christ died for our sins
if we but believe and have faith our sins will be forgiven,
so we go out, we lie, cheat, steal, rape and murder.

Because Jesus Christ will forgive us of our sins
we don't have to be responsible or held accountable,
for our own actions, words and deeds.

Lies, upon more lies taking away our culture
stealing and hiding away the truth of our ancestors,
because they are liars, murderers and thieves.

If Jesus Christ was a Jew why does he have a Spanish name?
I've never known a Jew with a Spanish name before have you?
Speaking about the Jew let's not forget the holocaust

No not the Jewish Holocaust but the Indigenous Holocaust
the one that started over 500 years ago and still continues,
The one brought to this stolen continent in the name of Jesus Christ.

When will my people begin to see, when will they be set free
free from oppression, starvation, no medication, sweet liberty
why can't they see Jesus Christ couldn't save himself and he can't save us!

2:53 PM 12/31/2006
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word_man's picture

But it was`nt from jesus christ
just like hanging old women with remidies
just like beheading christians
it was from mis placed idiots

ron parrish