Pain of deceit

I've been thinking all night long

Will this pain stay or move along

I know you were just meant for me

Now who is that third person, you wish to see?

You always cared if I was alone or sad

why didnt you then called me and made me glad?

There's some hidden truth that you still deny

Its just few words to say, then why do you lie?

You know I can't get along with this feeling all alone

why are you doing this to me then? to let me suffer and moan!

Please help me and speak up, what’s on your mind

So that I can move on instead of being left behind

I know it will be hard for me to bear

But if you don’t feel it, why should I care?

That pain will last just a few more days

But the pain of deceit never goes always stays

So let me go and let me be free

Don’t even think you are the one, there’s more for me to see

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This is what I have to say

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i have been
thru pain like that to .