Compassion Vol. 1

I love it when your smile finds me,

I love it when your eyes get lost in mine.

I love it when you run into my arms,

And hold on to me oh so tight.

I love your smile, your eyes, the way

you say hello, the way you always talk to

me, the way your eyes glow.

I love when you sit next to me,

and when we just mess around. I love

your laugh, your sense of humor, I love how

you never make me frown.

I loved wearing you white fluffy hat,

I love it when we are together,

The way we flirt and act like that.

Though it's not all the time,

When I see you I feel the butterflies,

Everytime I need you, you're always there,

you help me when I cry.

I'm there for you now like I was in the

past and will always be.

I feel like there's more and I've never felt

like this before. I hope you love me too,

I just want to lay by you, and

craddle you in my arms, I want to make

you so happy, and I'd hope that we never fight.

I'd walk a million miles for you,

Though dead and tired, i'll love you with all my might.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Be careful how much you like someone. They might not like you back...that turned out to be the case with this girl...

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