Welcome to this world, isn't it amazing?

Can you see the open skies? Can you see the clouds all fading?

Can you say there are no lies? Can you see the cold ones changing?

Is it bright outside now? Is it clear of the old times?

Please describe the light to me, Scream the words into my face,

Its been so long since a blink of hope, It left without a trace,

I can't see any skies, I just hear convincing lies,

The clouds here are never fading, and the cold people here are never changing.

Welcome to my home, isn't it crazy?

You can see me try and try, All the dreams I've been creating,

You can say the time's gone by, It's just all the time I'm wasting,

Is there any truth to all the pain I'm facing?

Can you see the gates open? To a great life ahead of me?

Can you see into my eyes? Am I free of all the tragedy?

Can you feel the warmth? And not the hate and jealousy?

Please tell me am I right About the light I cannot see?

Welcome to this place, and all the selfless rage,

Can you see one good thing? There's just ugly things I'm making,

Can you tell apart the people, Who are true and who are faking?

I bet you see them, My life they keep on taking...

I could write for hours, and never change your mind,

I know that all my words are, just a waste of time,

But somewhere deep inside me, are these poems that I can find,

I can always trust my paper, It's something I can confide...

I just want to find, a smile in my reflection,

In the mirror I try, to improve this imperfection,

I can't hide from the shame.

I can't take all the pain.

You don't have to listen, I'll be alright,

I'm just too blind to see the light.

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Geoff Mcmullen's picture

Nice piece. I like your style and subject matter.