Now I can see what passes me everyday.

Why can't the rain just wash me away?

When they turn their backs, I stare and break,

Why can't the rain just take me away?

Everyday works out the same,

Thinking of the time, and all the pain,

I sit here waiting, digging my own grave,

Trying to think of something new today.

Its hard to stand proud, and stand alone,

Why is the rain so damn cold?

I've grown sick, this life has gotten so old,

Why can't the rain stop being cold?

Everyday the threat of pain,

Thinking of the time, have I gone insane?

I sit here waiting, digging my own grave,

Even if I had fame, nothing here would change.

Just before sunset, the sun peers over the trees,

Just before nightfall, its light keeps blinding me,

Over and over, rejected it seems,

Everything grows more intense, just like a disease,

Over my shoulder happiness gleams,

Could you at least try speaking to me?

You tare my heart out, I fall to my knees,

Would the rain stop falling? I'm begging you, please...

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piece on this one

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wow, beautiful.. amazing poem. I dont know what to say. so so true and original 5/5 way to go!