BlindSeer's Eyes

Do you not realize that you broke my heart,

With a few unthoughtful words?

Can you not see that no matter how I try,

Deep inside my wound is raw,

And it still hurts.

Or do you expect me,

To go on as I always have?

Forgiving your every mistake.

By never thinking things through as you've always seemed to do,

You've caused my very soul to truly ache.

I thought that you were someone that I could count on.

For years we've been 'friends" that's the truth.

But now, a "Hey what's up? How're you doing?"

Every once in a Blue Moon just won't do.

I need someone that I can really talk to.

Not someone who just pretends that they care.

I need to have somebody actually understand ME!

Not a person who has a head full of Air.

A long time ago that might have been you,

But now it feels like you’re a complete stranger.

Not the person that I had befriended and once knew.

So, I guess that it's time to finally say our good-byes.

I find myself searching through the star filled skies.

Wishing you well,

And a wonderful life.

As the tears begin to fall from my Blind Seer's eyes.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I think this was written in late 2006. Rough times of confusion between "fish" and "burnt sticks".

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foxgloves's picture

I <3 You.

Very well done.