Blank Pages-- Best Friends

I stare down at the blank pages in front of me.

Empty, except for the continuous lines that await my words.

Sadly, I cannot bring myself to write them down.

If I did then it would be as if I was lying to myself.

I will not allow most of my work to be seen by others in the light of day.

It is an extension of the very thoughts that flow through my mind.

Woven tightly into this knot that I cannot see to unravel...

Especially to those who might give me negative criticism.

They are thoughts that carry on of their own accord without end.

Bound together yet separated from the rest of my word-- by my own will.

The very image of all the dreams that I have ever had that have nearly flickered out to die...

Much like my aching heart.

It beats its melancholy rhythm to remind me why I find myself so alone.

Then suddenly, my head is being turned by your hand upon my chin.

My face aligned with yours..

I try to pull away.

I can barely bring myself to look into your eyes because I am frightened by what I might find there.

Swallowing, I muster the courage to meet your gaze levelly.

I smile, as everything begins to reconnect.

It all makes sense again.

My emotional struggles, the pain, my worries-- it all just seems to disappear when I am in your presence.

I can finally relax when you are near.

It's when you leave me or I you-- that all of it comes flooding back.

Sometimes so over-whelming that it's nearly unbearable.

You are a piece of my sanity, and safe haven.

I can feel you with me even when we are apart.

If I need to talk, all I have to do is call for you and you understand.

My face..

It is turned towards yours once more.

This time of my own free will.

I meet your gaze, as steady as if I have been looking at you this way for years.

Everything-- it reconnects and makes perfect sense

Because, hahaha...

You're my best friend.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

2007 For the best friend that is always there for me-- whenever I needed her most.

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