Pick Me Up

Lately I've been losing sleep,

Dreaming about the things we could be,

I've taken the step and sunk too deep,

and the tears made it too hard to see.


The pain still remains in the heart,

but there is no need to be sad,

This experience was an important part,

A part of who I am and I'm glad.


Without you my heart would still rage,

My confidence would waiver,

I've picked myself up and I'm tranquil on the stage,

To give a performance that people will favour.


The dust is brushed off and moments of clarity show,

With you I have become who I will always be,

Someone I can without a doubt comfortably know,

Although at times I won't comfortably see.


If life leads us into each others arms again,

or if it keeps us safely at arms reach,

I dont feel like I need to exaplain,

but I'll openly embrace what you have to teach.


Whatever the outcome, 

It was life changing and soul defining,

for all that is it worth, from the deepest part of my heart,


Thank you.



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Nice read for me...

Nice read for me...

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