My father´s fishing rod

When I was little I used to think that my father was a world championship fisherman. He used to take my sister and me with him to keep him company, since he didn’t have a son, he didn’t have much choice. Desperation, anxiety and despair were the feelings I had when I did not catch a fish. Just when we thought the fish took the bait there was a moment of excitement in our faces, but then a face of disappointment when we find out that it was just a plant hooked in our bait. Yet my father always gave me his fish so I would not feel disappointed. Year after year we went to the same lagoon, “El Salto” in Sinaloa, where fish abounded. The types of fish found in El Salto are called Bass and it varies in size. What made so special to my dad’s fishing rod was that no matter how, he always managed to catch a fish with it. It was a G-lumins and he always took special care of it. When my sister and me asked him if his fishing rod had some kind of powers he always answered us that the power was not on the fishing rod but in the mind. Confused with the answer, he decided to explain us in another way. He said, that the key that applies not only in fishing but in life as well is resumed in two concepts do what you love and never give up. One incident that I remember very well is when my sister and me where so exhausted, even my father was, because we couldn’t catch anything. My dad told us to keep an eye on our fishing rods because he was going to prepare us dinner but we were sure that we were not going to catch anything so we decided to play. Ten minutes later we saw something we had never seen, my dad’s fishing rod had catch something but it looked it was a very heavy fish because the fishing rod was bent over and it seemed it was going to break. Then the fishing rod was gone, my sister and me said that it was a shark; only a big animal could have done that. We thought my father was going to be really upset about it, but surprisingly he wasn’t upset. He said it’s just a fishing rod. That’s when I realized that what really mattered to him was building memories with us and not the fishing rod.

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Hello! my name is nancy I am a teenager that likes to hang out with friends and enjoys being at my english class.

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Nice reflection penned - good write

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beautiful words young goddess

beautiful words young goddess