so short and fleetingly godlike

resounding becomes abruptly


addressing - the timid salute

of hopeful beings -

becomes booming expectation

palms fan in amazement

hands become eyes

eyes become hands

Babylonian sentences

- written roughly and grey

against the blue sheets of skies,

so heavenly and holy -

translate one another

coarseness rephrases sighs

tackles ... tempers ... strips

until longing becomes lovely vistas

the cave keeps its repetition ready

call-word seeks its worded reward

in the slipstream of its breath

caller rehears himself

awaiting his echo

before the ear has heard

the Silence, it has been sung already

yes, above the treacherous heart

songs may soar

without resistance

through awaiting skies


31 January 2003

Author's Notes/Comments: 

When we look at the Mountains and hear the rewards they send to us in reply, our eyes and ears become hands ... and we touch Eternity.

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TREXPATTON's picture

My!! Myra, this is profound. You took me to the skies; you carried me to the mountains!! I heard the initial-song, and then I heard the echoes!!
Do we not hear what WE shout, and then re-hear what God says to us in the return!!?? Have you heard the echo that returns to us from across the desert, or back from upon the sea?? I feel that you HAVE......sometime.
This SO lovely: :"....hands become eyes, eyes become hands; Babylonian sheets of skies .... translate one another (SO glad you didn't say "...each other".
Your cycling, through your means of transporting the reader by your juxtaposition of this beautiful imagery: "coarse ...sigh ...vistas ...cave ...slipstream ...breath ..." is magnificent, like a magic-carpet-ride!!
And the finality, indicating to me that what I believe about the Source of all Poetry, is a Place where It All has existed forever, and we are sometime allowed to visit, or to dip a finger-tip into the Muses Oceans.
I do not have ANY reason why I've not visited you before. It has been MY loss. Sincerely. Teddy Rex

"Poe" I'm not, nor "Rich" am I,
but I'll be famous, b'ye and b'ye !