My cemetery

Across the river
past the meadow
and through quiet gates
lays my bones--fractured and raw;
cracked by humanity
and weaned on its milk of profanity.

The foul of the air
dives in and bares
the fate of my limbs
that hold no whim
and together they share
a feast of marrow and flesh
and quench their thirst
with the blood of regret.

Bury me - bury me, deep within the dirt
so far down, that my body will never be unearthed
and re-exposed to this hypocrisy
that roams the earth.

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I love your works

Whenever I see that you post something new... I don't even bother to look at the title or the sample clip! I just know it's gonna be great!!! I would however like to make a suggestion on this poem (take it or leave it) In the last stanza you put a dash in between "me" and "bury" and it looks very much like a hyphenated word... like the word "re-exposed" that follows shortly after. I feel that it would be much easier to read for a first time viewer if you put a space on each side of the hyphen like so... "bury me - bury me, deep within the earth". Anticipating your next piece!!!

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Thanks for the suggestion; it

Thanks for the suggestion; it really did make the poem flow a lot better =]
And wow, thanks that comment is really encouraging.