A Dance with the Devil

I dance to the most beautiful music,
While I hold the most interesting strangers hand,
We waltz with masterful elegance,
For he knows every step, and has danced this dance many times beforehand
He wears a velvet mask,
It has the most appealing look,
And I am lost in some unbreakable trance,
I stare into his eyes and i see nothing-just a black pit,
I quickly withdraw,
But then I remember- I belong,
My hand also hurts because of his vice like grip,
But it is fine, there is always a price to pay and I may even foolishly pay it till the very end,
I do feel sad sometimes, though, because this other stranger always wants to cut in,
But sadly he is not so attractive, plus his mask is simple and plain,
And I'm scared to be seen with him-what will the other people think?
But still, I'll let him dance with me sometime, just some other time..some other day..

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oh wow this is a very nice

oh wow this is a very nice poem, depicting the mentality,, cheers