The Angels Call MY Name

I want to fly, I want to soar

To many years I spent locked behind this door

The rooms of this house overflow with pain

No more love do I have to give in vain

I hear voices they call out to me

Telling me of beauty as far as the eye can see

When all hope is gone they whisper,saying they are here

They softly tell me to go see what the world holds. treasures so dear

I want to feel the wind in my hair

Let me run where I dare

I want to ride the glistening waterfalls

Go where it takes me.....where ever it calls

Im going to live, I mean really live

I have so much to offer this world ,,,so much to give

I want to run barefoot through the meadow

To taste all the sweetness life has to offer before I go

Fly among the skies of vivid blue

I want to fill my lungs full of fresh air that is all I want to do

I walk among the clouds all fluffy and white

I dance on the stars that dazzle so bright

I can touch the rainbow above

Open my heart and fill it with love

I feel the beauty of a raindrop on my chin

I start each new day with a grin

I toss a pebble and watch the peaceful ripple in the stream

Never wanting to awake from this dream

I skip along a wooded path

Birds in a puddle taking a bath

I lay beneath the silver birch, listening to life rush by

The vastness of my emotions overwhelm me, a tear leaves my eye

At peace I hear the angels call my name

Telling me of a place where all things remain the same

A place where those you love, love you back

Where your heart can feel, without fear of attack

A place where once is never enough

And enough just is never,  really enough

They tell me of a place I can be me

Tales of unconditional love for all to see

From all this mortal pain they offer me protection

A lot of love and affection

Author's Notes/Comments: 

angels come in many forms

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and i
give it
a 20
for excellent

mel, deals's picture

I believe in angels, I love this poem, truly one of my favorites. Mortality is always lingering in my head, you give comfort to the after. I liked how you talked about things like uncondional love, a beautiful description of flying, and the haven of earth....heaven the hope of it still remains.

Mary Charest's picture

Hauntingly beautiful! Loved it. Mary

. Donkerman's picture

Jo-anne Of one thing you can be sure - the fact that you are a wonderful poet with lots of talent as a writer! Another wonderful poem out of the heart and soul. It has touched me for sure! Regards Donkerman

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I posted your poem @ my angel club: Stop by and post some more. See ya there! :)

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Please stop by and post your angel poems to my angel club:

Doug Clinton's picture

WOW! You are awesome my dear. Step out and explore. Doug

Donker Man's picture

Such a beautiful poem, Jo-anne! I love it.