The Joker

When the wheat field burns all the insanity you harvested,
Your dream once again live's in someones eyes
As your heart never thought to be perfect but wounded
You may exile your last scream,
The windows of reality shattered in your arms , the glass broke free from the shuttering sounds,
The first book meant to be compeleted burnt,
thrown out of the balcony of heaven
into the puddle filled with ashes of earth
The Joker Smiles The Million Disheartened Laughter
and jumps. 

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I Wish You Happiness

It is the holiday celebrating Christ's birth here. We forget the woes and the blues for a few weeks and give gifts. Thanks for follolwing my work - a blessing to be wished devoutly - a friendship action, assuredly. I wish you Love and Good Times, so look up and see the stars and the heavens that look down on us and smile inside. Love and Prayers For You from: ~Stella~



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Thankyou for your

Thankyou for your kindness.
Have a good one.
Its always been a pleasure to follow your work.

Let the sun be upon your back,
And a smile upon your face
Let the winds of destiny carry you aloft to dance with the stars