Death the Ever-Romantic

Goodnight, my love, and have sweet dreams.

Isn't it sad to know no one will hear your screams?

Be still, be quiet, no one can hear you now

While lost in thought, you don't know how

This place, this life, could keep you sane

Or how they could betray you again

But cease all thoughts because it's so much better

to slip into automatic because they say, "go ahead and let her"

Oh no, my dear, it seems you've bitten off more than you can chew

So let go and slumber and succumb to the man- you know who

In a bed of lust is where you lie

I bet you now you'd wished you'd died

The opportunity's there, of course you could

and if you had enough guts, of course you would

But you, yourself, couldn't end the game

And that, my darling, is why I came

It seem unfair, my dearest, I know

But unfortunatly that's the way life and death go

A life full of sin yet so empty still

Eventually they forget those looks to kill

Hail Mary! Pray! Cry out to the sky!

I'm afriad, my sweet, they won't care if you die

Then again, since when could you remember someone who cared?

Too many years to count.  How much more of this can you bear?

No more you say? My love, I know

and now I say, it's time to go

I'll take you now just like you've pleaded

Isn't it funny how you realized it's not what you needed

But say goodbye for it's much too late

It's done now, dearly departed, I've kissed you're fate.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem as a death poem,duh, but it's important to know that it's also satirical.  Death is almost mocking and patronizing.  It's not sympathetic.

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Hello there love. This is very good, you have a nack for this sort of thing.