I wish for a day

 i wish only for a day, i wouldnt have to be this way.

I wish i could take this pain and throw it away. Im so tired today.


I wish the tears would dry, and the darkness could fade.

Im going down, im drowning in the pain, someone please come take this.


My head is breaking, the screams are haunting me again, no sleep for the wicked.

I can only run for so long, my past follows me.


My heart beats for another day, yet it wishes to be silent and still.

It is tired of beating for those who could care less.


My voice trembles when it speaks, it is terifed of rejection.


I wish only for a day, it would all go away, the pain would fade.

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Daily Pain

Physical, emotional, self-inflicted aching - I throw it all out and start with fresh pains the next day. Simple :D slc