Finally, your sorry.


I dont know how to start this. This is beyond difficult.


You finally said the words i have waited my whole life to hear.

And now that you said them, im not really sure how to respond.

How to act? What to say? Im confused.


Im sorry.


Those words have me lost behind words, im not sure what to do.

Im sorry... Im sorry... You finally said it. Sorry for everything you did

back then. The past, so many years ago, all the days i spent in pain.


Its overwhelming. 


Your sorry for all the mean things you said, your sorry for all the hits

to my head. Your sorry for all the blows to my heart, for the days that i hurt.

Your sorry for all the things that scare me. Your sorry for all the days you couldnt be the father you should have been.

I am struggling, im letting you in only enough to see what you do to me, im scared your going to hurt me again.

I have spent my life with a wall up, i built it high brick, by , brick to keep your out. To protect myself.

Im sorry i had to when you spent so many days, causing me such pain, i had to keep myself safe.


What are your innentions, what is the game your playing?

Are you true to your word, are you trying to get to know me?

Do you understand i cant show you the truth, its quite ugly.

The me, that stands in front of you, isnt the true me.

its a mask of the person i should be, the one that i cant let free.

She is scary, she is crazy.


Your sorry, your sorry, Im sorry i cant be what you want me to be.

That innacent girl is lost, has been for way to long. 

Your sorry your sorry, im sorry i cant lie, Im still lost, and hurting.


But im sorry, has got you in. Its a start, dont hurt me again, or ill run the fatheest you have ever seen.

Ill be gone forever.

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You're Sorry

About all of your faux pas and ill sent words. You are sorry but will you learn the actions that make sorry no longer necessary. Good write - slc