Inner Abyss

Love is pain

love cannot be contain

inner feelings of a deeper abyss

sorrow overtakes

the piece of hearts broken

my chest remains open

just a hollow shell

as my future becomes hopeless

death comes closer

noone to hold but myself

only time can tell

will i see heaven

or will i see hell

broken hearts of a broken past

i remain the last

as i grasp before i fall

deeper and deeper into the abyss

of darkness where is cold

and i become alone

laughing voices sound like echos

into my dome

since birth i was curse

onto this planet earth

no destiny can be control

nor fortold

i will be forgotten

but never told

my words remain silent

my tomb will never be brothered

remember me or remember me not

i will be just a fragmation of the past

only God knows my faith

as I take my breath

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Travis Scott's picture

I liked this poem. Actually I don't believe I've read a poem of yours I didn't like. You seem to be a very accomplished writer. If you don't mind I'd appreciate it if you read a few of my works and gave me some pointers.

poetvg's picture

i agree
with this poem