Someone Special

you mean the world to me

so percious so true

you are a fantasy

come to live

you are my love

my soul my foundation

you glued the fragmation

of my heart and left me to

the imagination

i hurt you so bad

i left you alone in the darkness

and you cried cuz you was sad

im sorry for damaging your soul

bruizing your heart

with every blow

my cheating cuz you death

i wish i could fix what is left

baby come back to me i have changed

for you are my insperation

my devotion and God's creation

beautiful in human form

i dont wanna hurt you nomore

come back come back

let me be the love you never had

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poetvg's picture

great poem
so sweet
and wonderful

Melissa's picture

well i think that this was initially a nice poem, but i think u8 should work on your grammar and it kind of seems like u even invented a word of your own there now. Over all, it's a very nice poem. i applaud ur efforts!:)