I 'know'

I know that nobody really cares.

Or that we were taught to, anyway.

A dissonant view is the only way to see the other side of such a rapidly twisting sphere.

Ever the weirdo, yearning to envelop all that grazes my visual path with impossible understanding and reciprocated sentiment.

Give up before REM ends, fall into line.

Put finger to lips, and hold your hand.


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Yeah well, I have been

Yeah well, I have been enjoying your esoteric whims lately.

The air of your breath... idk, it is unique and flames the oxygen around swirling particles.

I can relate well with much of the sediments left in such a wake of passing thoughts.


An encumbering beauty too often fissured by neglectful minds.

Your words always war my mind, in a good way.

Bravo Sir Poofs!



"The stars awaken a certain reverence, because though always present, they are inaccessible; but all natural objects make a kindred impression, when the mind is open to their influence." R.W.E.


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Deemed esoteric by the great

Deemed esoteric by the great and mighty astral tides? I may die happy :P

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Rapid Rotations

The world turns and is noisy - shhhhh is soooo in order. I enjoyed this POV - I embrace it! :D ~~Lady A~~