Nectar of the Gods

To finally feel the scrabblng fingers, searching vainly for a niche; dirty and bloody, oozing contempt

To finally see the fractalized light waves, spiraling towards a shattered ceiling of possibility

To finally hear the howl of the hounds, calling back the roar of time

To finally smell the tang of a seabreeze, caressing your lips with untamed volatility

To finally taste the brackish film covering festering sores that pepper my voice, sinfully moist

Supping the nectar of the gods from a diamond chalice

Opening the lost portal to humanity

Jealous of promethean punishment, although ignorant of flame

You hunger for pain.

The arrogance of the father

The fear of the mother

The span between siblings, ever widening

The rage of the mirror

The spite of the shadow

The breach of the aura

The finding of flesh

Wildly rolling eye.

Author's Notes/Comments: 


the song that started it all.

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ashes_twisted's picture

This was nectar all right,

With a side of acid.

Holy shit, you just keep getting better, and better.

By the way love Coheed & Cambria - The dark side of me.

(Great song, check it out if you have not already.)

What else can I say to this?



Speechless. <3

"We are, Each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another." -Luciano De Crescenzo

mrpoofs's picture

hahaha well shanks miz ash.

hahaha well shanks miz ash. this one actually had real feeling behind it so it was a lil mo betta. bout to make a trip to Shotgun city, hope I make it back in one peice ;D

allets's picture


I love fractals, I live for fractalized light ~~A~~



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ummmm...i dunno how to

ummmm...i dunno how to respond to that lol