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Sweet baby green
so pungent and light
fill up my lungs
and banish my dreams.
Sweet baby green
make me high as a kite
cleaves my spine
and dares me to scream.
Sweet baby green
you wont hate or judge
glance up at my mustache
and smile so bright
sweet baby green
youve dumped me in sludge
and watch me corrode
till I become night
sweet baby green
youre pulling the strings
guiding me softly
to a beggars demise
sweet baby green
you taught me to sing
I'll open the windows
bring in all the flies.
Sweet baby green
so soiled, so pure
on the cusp of twilight
burn to a crisp
dont think it mean
that I find life demure
after tasting the grey
in which magic does flit.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i love weed. and hate it. mostly love though

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...on the cusp of

...on the cusp of twilight...that is a good place to meet. 6pm good for you? That is one fine line, I read it four times because I did not believe it existed the first three times :D ~~A~~



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I'll bring the wine and the

I'll bring the wine and the tunes, m'lady