What does it mean to believe?

To gaze upon a cornucopia of magical explosions

through the mocking blanket of penumbrae

that threaten the cognizance of their existance?

Or is it to hold on to the hope

that the hand that put them there

is graciously calloused by the lashes

of the willful negligence of his sacrifice?

Is it to know you can go it alone

ferrying sustenance through the dead of winter

with naught but base beasts as company

who understand everything but

know nothing at all?

Is it to have someone to lean on

and to think they are more than wraiths of the mist

who will dissapate when the blazing glory

of your confidence in confidance

rends them as impotent imaginings?

Is it to know your dreams hold wonders

no other man could ever touch

pure and teasing as a fresh snowfall

on the day when love abounds endless?

Is it to fall asleep in the morn

after the darkness has passed forever

with ink smudged upon your lips

as you love your creations

in the dawn of their unfuling birth?

Is it unity with infinity?


Author's Notes/Comments: 

You just gotta believe! Remind myself such every day

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Mine is to believe with unity with infinity.

Very nicely worded. Extra special to me.

Happy.New Year! Hugs!


Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....



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Love your writing and

Love your writing and descriptions. Enjoyed reading.