Fear is the mind filler; insanity dealer

shackles round your neck, rusty blood spiller

tracked by the underground dwellers for a meal or

running from fate, gasps are realer

hear the thrum of the worm under golden sands

wait just a moment for one more pound

sucking dry this wasted land

they come to feed at the slightest sound

folding space and time with a flick of the mind

retrieving the lost with programmable clones

duel to the end for a broken crysknife

the sun aint too hot so dont bitch and moan

mining for spice is on what we bet our lives

suplying the junkies, the fighters, the rich

live off the dunes to which our fate is tied

I'm digging their graves, not digging a ditch

our planet is so very big to the cause

yet the smugglers treat it af if desolate

even though it's not without its flaws

true beauty resides in the fauna that flits

I'll take your life, take of your water

If you ever destroy what we've built over years

so if you seek riches, olease never falter

and for the love of the gods, dont shed a tear

as I pen this letter, remember my words

treat them as if the suns never matter

quickly make your exit if these words are slurred:

may thy knife chip and shatter.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by Dune by Frank Herbert

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I have someone that you should meet.

You two would have a good trip together.



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haha awesome. I love to trip

haha awesome. I love to trip out and experience the weird.

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Funking excellent! 

Funking excellent! 

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

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Freakin thanks!

Freakin thanks!

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Its great... I am a sucker

Its great... I am a sucker for medieval era. If ever you have time check my poetry I've added. (Folder Pretense refers to the dark ages but its your preferance)
P.S. I've learned a lot from what I've read here, like words I've never known before. Great Piece! looking forward to what you have coming in the future!
Keep it up! :D

"Sometimes I wish Upon a Star with the clouds Far behind..." - Isreal K 'Somewhere over The Rainbow'

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Thanks man. That means a

Thanks man. That means a bunch. I look forward to checking out your stuff