Castle of Flynneric

Castle stands before you

Great walls of stone

Shielded by the cliffside

and flaming moat


As the moonlight dances in your eyes

Light betrays a thousand lies

Sparks quake up my spine

Theyll never know


Mead soils the floor

Shadows fly by candlelight

You shut the door

Pined for you all night


Theyll never know

Theyll never know

Theyll never know

Into the cold


Treasurer enters

Hate in his hands

He makes his stand

True to the brand


Author's Notes/Comments: 

For the music, look up VJ: LOPNA: QFTMS Castle of Flynneric on youtube.

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I found it! I thought this was a reference by another poet and they thought I was zonkers. Well, most of the time, I am pretty zonkers, but more zonkers than usual. I turned on YouTube - miraculously with my tech skills - and watched several vids - "I guess we should have brought battries." Cool tunes, great playing, and the improvs were nostalgic for me ~allets~




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Yay! I love our music.

Yay! I love our music. Hopefully  well get back together after I get out of the hospital (whenever that is).