Blood Canyon

Blind prophets gaze, mesmerizing

Horses legion, terrorizing

Admiral scar rides crimson waves

Sacrifice princess, 15 days


Glowing blade, filled with rage

Crackled hilt, bloody stained

Demion's eyes lead the way

Fallen comrades, debts to pay


Riders slain, field scattered with dead

Demon's voice cries out in your head

Wailing woman cries into the night

Dashing forward, save her from her plight


Grab the reins,  haul the horse from the edge

Blood canyon, will this be your end?

Princess bound, struggling on the mast

Save her now, this will be your task


Smokescreen jump over too the boat

demons blade heading for scars throat

Flash of blood, head smash to the deck

Not scars, some noob just got wrecked


Clouds advancing, thrunderclap

Mithril blade begins to crack

Fire is approaching me

Hold your balance, thrashing sea


Thrusting forward, slash the scar

Rips it deeper than before

Save the princess, cut her free

This will be your destiny


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another of our songs. For the music, look up VJ: LOPNA: QFTMS Blood Canyon on youtube

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allets's picture

Move Over Poe

Me and Youtube? that will be an adventure. U keep me young! also "thrasing, se" is a fragment, May I suggest "thrashingly". Great lyric - the music industry will devour it and so will the music buyin public. ~a~



mrpoofs's picture

ah. thats supposed to be

ah. thats supposed to be thrashing sea. thanks for the point out, glad u like!