Shits packed so fat that its morbid

scorch it, diffuse the thoughts that I war with

this torment everlasting, so sordid

traveling backwards so quickly, forthwith

these jagged scarson me, crossing my face

I cant beleive Ive ended up in this place

sent somewhere so cold, jettisoned into space

hollow luings burning as if theyve been maced

Surrounded by wackos, am I one too?

The verdict struck down right out of the blue

Im shaking as if Ive contracted the flu

Yet my life is not over, I know it is true

Pills and weed, deadly combination

speeds what I need, no degeneration

Fist in the air, roar of elation

After the news of your gods cremation

Did I just blaspheme? Shit should I care?

Never blinking my eyes as I return your stare

You call me a heathen, I say youre unfair

To label those that you differ from by a hair

I know Im afflicted, I know that Im sick

But thats only cuz I eschewed carrot for stick

But Im making my money, Im a number one pick

Stick out my ass so youll give it a kick

I dont know what Im saying, guess Ill go back to sleep

The pages Ill burn, the music Ill keep

Hope the hill that Im climbing wont get too steep

Kill my demons today, save them for meat.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Im rusty. Havent written in a while. Oh well

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One man's rust is another

One man's rust is another man's rust probably. Still, intriguing - "...eschewed carrot for stick..." was well penned. Not bad though for returning from hiatus and hopefully healing ~a~



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Thanks for enjoying..even

Thanks for enjoying..even through the rusty haze. I wrote some in jail that I hope to post if my aunt finds them