The Box

Stark white and padded are the walls of my cell

Reflection reminder the time that I fell

And scraped my knees bloody, crisp metal smell

curling and curdling while burning in hell.

Ive punched a one way ticket, resort for the wicked

mail order future, done sealed and licked it

Crimson stained water pouring forth through the spigot

planted in the spine of my father, life kicked in

If the day could be mimiced, who knows what decision

would be made by a greater man, sans derision

could i film it, cut and edit out scenes

that paint the fallen in light hued with blues and greens

deserving of a biopic, thematicism myopic

execution robotic when you cant change the dream.

Never remember how i got to the place I reside

has the sweltering heat always been part of the ride?

Will I find the right bride? Relinquish my pride?

have the fractalized avenues been considered or tried?

The syringe plunges in and the body goes numb

questioned and prodded and poked by the thumbs

thet turn downward after Ive battled and lost

i cant help but smile; I welcome the frost.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm back!!!!!!!!! I was in jail for 26 months.

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allets's picture

I Am Sooooooooo Glad You Are Back

26 months poofs - kay. Back with an edge well honed with "...heat always been a part of the ride..." Glad you found your way home. Welcome home. It has been way to cool around here and we need some FIRE!~Stella~



mrpoofs's picture

My dear, beloved, beautiful

My dear, beloved, beautiful allets! I would never abandon you. But it was real jail, and it was terrible. Now I'm in a mental hospital. Shit got crazy with a murder charge. But I'm touched that you found the time and purpose to fret over my absence.