A wonderful yet fake moment

Reaching an all time low

A fact of the slug embracing the rose

Is the negativity due to all the people get all the time and the ones that care hardly get any

Women produce children only to neglect while they find many men. Ending up only to stare out into space in an vodka daze at the Clinique counter.

Laying at night-the final nightcap

waiting for a call, txt, miracle

Much as the devil anguishes over love that long ago said was vanquished.

like him knowing how awful that goodness felt to hold her there kissing the small of her neck as time stopped.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was about a moment of being close to someone and knowing that they do not really care about you. Knowing you should get away and yet you don't

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its a good and impressive article.. good idea and good way to do... hope you never stop writing and add such type of more sweet pieces and be commenting on my poems too to know...being your friend..if my poems knock your heart too....