She was fair skinned and had hair as gold as endless fields of wheat that grow brighter as the sky darken before a storm

She likes to run through the puddles of that storm and hold her arms out like she is flying through the heavy waters and as the water soaks through she makes her way into circles that makes ripples of endless days and nights

She lies at night on the roof outside her window and holds her fingertips in a sway that mixes the stars together

One day she will actually touch those stars and she will bring the heaven to her

Her name is Sarah is she is a special little girl at age ten

She is also a statistic of the thousands of children that did from abuse everyday in the united states alone

The playful acts that bring her bright smile into the light are now beatings that bring deep cuts and lacerations

The bright eyes that look at everything with such astonishment are now bruised and blue

The heart of the purest love has stopped and along with the rain the puddles dry up and go away

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I agree with this. And very well done alot of details and feeling added in. Also again stop child abuse i agree full heartly. ^_^