No one notices you

No one notices you, but why?

Is it we are too busy to see you in the endless sea of people

Not to see the beautiful soul that you have in your possession

The kindness that radiates from your smile  

The strokes of divine fingertips that make up your curves and the soft kisses from god that formed the features of your face

No one noticed huh? The wrong kinds noticed not the right things

Not just anyone can really see god, not just anyone can see the real you

I've noticed just a glimpse and I hold God accountable for the bittersweet gift of that moment I noticed, because I have not been the same since, and my heart still wants to see more.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was about a girl that I had strong feelings for but it was forbidden. My heart still races when I think of her. She has vanished and I cringe at the thought of someone else having her

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Hey mr. C its elf this poems really good, and i can realate to this one. Im dealing w alot of bs rt but im getting threw. Merry xmas. Srry i cant email ya cuz of dads stupied ass rules. ttyl/ Erica