A flowers poem.

Fly Fly Fly over and Over,

Flower to Flower , 

Oh beautiful bee.

One flower will catch you though 

It itsn't match you.


This flower isn't clever 

But wanna be with you forever

This flower is a liar

But wanna be your lover.

Stay for sometime before

you fly to another.


This flower will wither,

Untill dont let you go to another

Before you leave,it let you

Take all its flavour and 

Brighten your glamour.


Bee, fly flower to flower,

You'll gonna admire 

For its differrent colour. But 

It'll be the same crazy flower.

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Poem of Flower

Lovely but deadly poem; especially for the bee. Nature can be so deceptive, wonderfull colours warning or invite, scare or kill. Lovely work in your poem here, I like very much mr. special's.




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pollinate and always searchi g for the choicest flower..


Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....