little words of wisdom



you're so annoying


you try to send me little words of wisdom


but they just piss me off


and make my shoulder's tight


always trying to give me


a way out of growing


"you're perfect just the way you are"


"imperfect is perfect"


"everything is as it should be"


"you don't need to change"






it annoys the crap out of me


how 'bout something like


be the change you want to see in the world


something that encourages growth


isn't that what you're job was supposed to be?


you who always told me I was perfect


before I ever learned a fucking thing


it would've been a lot more helpful


if I'd known I had to work 


a little harder to really learn


no, I'm not some little genius


I'm not soooo good at playing the guitar


I never even fucking learned it


can't play but a couple of notes


No, I am not a great tennis player


I can just hit a few balls back and forth


but I don't know the game


I never learned that either


I am not a great artist


I never learned any technique


I never had to


cuz in your eyes


I was already perfect


so I didn't have to learn anything


but it's not true


no... I'm not okay just as I am


I do need to change


I do need to learn


I do need to look deep within


I do need to shed light on the darkness


I do need to stop the lies


and your little words of wisdom


are fucking bullshit!


So shut the fuck up!



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