Our purpose

We exist because the Great Spirit (God, or whatever we want to call it, ALL encompassing all of everything) doesn't enjoy the loneliness of being One.

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What everybody else said. The

What everybody else said. The beauty of this piece is the expression of wisdom with wit and brevity.

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I love it!

I love it!

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God Anthropomorphised.


I enjoy exploring God concepts. Have you noticed they are mostly human male modeled and less spirit and formless, unable to be lonely like humans. That said, I doubt we are an answer for a spiritual entity. "He" is keeping the universe from collapsing. I dare not ask for more. 



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Maybe a "she"

She is far too compassionate to be a "he."

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She birthed universes

We are product of her labor

Copyright © morningglory

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Nicely stated.


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This poem is certainly very

This poem is certainly very conducive to thoughts on profound issues.  I have been sitting here, staring at and repeatedly reading it, as my mind, which is probably lame by this age (lol), is trying to race around the questions.


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An integrated part of the experience of an "ALL encompassing all of everything."    ----   Stephen

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Wow! Cosmic consciousness in

Wow! Cosmic consciousness in one fell swoop of brilliantly chosen words. This says it all: Who we are, what we are, why we are . . . and from there, we have the roadmap Home. Priceless wisdom, perfectly said.