once, maybe twice

eye had the experience

of being One with "God"

that's when eye discovered

just how boring

that really was

so, eye rematerialized

this silly little illusion

of separateness

in this world


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patriciajj's picture

You cracked the code of that

You cracked the code of that perennial question: why are we here? The "illusion of separateness" There it is: ultimate reality, who we really are. You delivered the profound wisdom with style and a refreshing sense of humor. Love this treasure. 

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My Prayer

"Use me Lord for good." Tired, bent my prayer "Dear God, can we take a break for a while." Nothing was ever boring about makin' it better, cleaner, holier. Detroit is my next battlefield. I will do it with my pen. I gave my health to work and raising humans. :D