It is conseeviable


This story was written

Under a tree 

By a lighthouse

In Santa Cruz


It is conceivable

That we are

In another


Specifically designed

To save the earth

From immenent




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patriciajj's picture

I join you in your beautiful

I join you in your beautiful vision of awakening and healing after our long night of self-destruction. Very intriguing and hopeful. 

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Thank you Patricia! May we all come out of this with healthier hearts and minds. 

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allets's picture

I Agree

It is conceivable. Glad 2 C U in print again. u go Hopeful Lady! ~S~



Morningglory's picture

:) it IS conceivable

I will be back doing more soon. Busy trying to create online money making possibilities. Art art art. 

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Starward's picture

I certainly think we are in

I certainly think we are in an epoch that may well be intended for that.


[ * /+/ ^ ]

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Hail the Earth mother

The wildlife are happy for any breaks in human action. 

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allets's picture

The Flowers

Are coughing on all that fresh air. Immediately, Earth as Maia, begins to heal. ~S~