For desire

To lay lines

On pages

With ink



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The muse takes frequent

The muse takes frequent vacations..

Wish I would go with it. Ha


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If no page

paint the walls with words - graffiti; or the floor - carpet/tile words, or on the ceiling - high sounding words or the roof - bird messaging. Anywhere, anytime, so long as it don't rain and the roof leaks dripping down the walls to the floor. Right. :D ~ Lady A ~



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We are!

We have a clown wall and an alien wall to paint. 

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Sounds Fabulous!

Especially the alien wall :D



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The alien wall is slow growing. We need to have a paint party soon. 

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got to start somewhere happy

got to start somewhere

happy thanksgiving

ron parrish

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Truthstarting here

Maybe I should try voice to text again

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