Well, I am over

Allowing abuse

Trouble is 

I already had

Let them

Break me



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Use needle and thread if necessary. Paste, glue, nails. Get it together. Been there - grieving the past anchors you and denies forward movement. Move to the future and success that waits there! Just do it. Emotional pain is self heralded and summoned - I dispelled a bit of grief last night - it recurred and I had to set it aside. This is called compartmentalization - store it for now, pull out as needed only. Smile in the mirror until it becomes a habit - slc



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As of late my choices are proving better. Just a bit disappointed in myself for the ones that broke my bank while allowing pretty heavy disrespect. I gave in too much to extreme pressure. The emotional stuff, I am pretty good at keeping light these days. Many smiles and laughter. Really very blessed and super grateful.



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