The phone number

She might have

Called it.

Temptation was

In front of her.

However, she decided

To ask her mother

And she said 

Don't do it.

So for once in her life,

Well, perhaps twice,

She listened

To her mother's


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The Past Is The Past

"Let the dead be dead" is how the poet said this. We live in the future, the past provides fuel. :D slc



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What happened

What happened to living in the now? The future is bright. The past is like night. The present is here to unwrap with delight. 

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I Tried Living In The Now

But it kept getting past me - so I look forward - difficult with so much past and those fleeting nows. Keep scratchin' em out! - slc



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i say call the number, or

i say call the number, or give it to me so i can call it... the universe is about connections which are impermanent... but necessary

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I do still kinda wanna call it

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Her voice

Still ringing in my head. No numers have been called as of yet. Well, except hers.

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