In matters of


It is a line

Like a tight rope

Just as we discuss



The face becomes shown

In our presence

The picture of one




Noticed was the contrast

Noticed was the doubt

I recognise I



With a hint of doubt

On a level beyond that

That others have

Some see me as




That I know me

On a level beyond this dream

Trust that I trust in truths I see


Is a must

Within our beings


Then it suddenly

Hit me again

I trust that I trust

Yet my doubt tries to win

I trust that I trust 

Yet I fear within

I don't want to

Trust in the fears that arise

I want to trust

What my true heart desires





Author's Notes/Comments: 

I took a hit off a poet regarding the word trust, then,  there was a moment with someone in my presense who exhibits a great deal of mistrust in others in contrast to my own trusting of others. It got me analyzing my own thoughts of self on the subject. Will likely contemplate more. 

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Until proven untrustworthy used to be my mantra. Now, Distruted until proven trustworthy. Works out pretty well most of the time. I don't have a lto of people seeking my trust theese days. We just have to wing it. :) slc



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I should adopt this policy. Actually, I may have already but just haven't admitted it. 

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