He thinks i am a Rainbow

Or, "piece of shit rainbow"

But he never got to know

Nor wanted to know

Who I truly am


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I am just a person

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like you too. xoxoxo Stella



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:) <3

I like you too Stella.

* You are in my most favorite people in the world list.

Even if we've only met through written word.

<3 yer pretty special. 


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well,i like you

well,i like you

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I am laughing on top of my tears

Thank you, I like you too word_man

I mean, Ron. :) Thank you for the chuckle.

I don't know why it made me chuckle but it Totally helps.



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jerks are a dime a dozen,a

jerks are a dime a dozen,a relationship needs respect

glad i made you smile