I know i am not to be pissed

But I do get pissed

I do piss

Just like everyone else

But I should have

No reason 

To be pissed

About what you

Put me through

Since I asked for it

But y'all should have

Known better than that

Because the great big joke

Is that it's not a joke

...Don't fuck with me

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and its causes. Eventually it sfade and a bad taste is left in its wake. I try to forget anger episodes quickly - I go quiet and unforgiving for a while first though. - Wishing you calm and peace - slc



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Not angry

Just disappointed really. In a bunch of folks. Including me. Its all good. Life is a bitch. 

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go girl,don`t take no shit

go girl,don`t take no shit

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Might be regaining my voice. Done taking shit. I already clean up enough poop. It's time to recieve some the respect I deserve. Bless it! 

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a men to that

a men to that

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It's better to be pissed off

It's better to be pissed off than pissed on.

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Thats true.

I keep stepping in piss and ruining my clean dry socks. But even that is better than pissed on.  Think i'm about over piss though. 

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