Can't steal a title from the Grateful Dead

There was sunshine

In her daydreams

Trouble was

If the sun melted

Snow on the ground

It would have them

More stuck in the mud



Author's Notes/Comments: 

C'mon sunshine... If we have enough warm warm sun, it would melt and dry the ground. 

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titles aren't protected by

titles aren't protected by copyright laws.  Jerry would forgive you.

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Yeah but I wouldnt want this to be my sunshine daydream anyway. I've got way better experiences for that title. Jerry help us, we need a miracle...

Copyright © morningglory

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Night Dreams


That at awakening

the snow will be history

and the sun high and hot

to harden the too wet heath

and bogged vales.


Wildflowers will grow

around mud painted tires

and rusting fenders.


At waking, the snow

is in feet measurments

and cabin fever rages.







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Just say no to cabin fever

Copyright © morningglory