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Maybe the media should shut the fuck up. Stop sensationalizing and mass producing violence. The effect to the minds of those who watch gives people ideas to do the same things. The media promotes violence in every scene. With a touch of balance in between. 

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Keep it local. 

I know the stories need to be shared but my mind was thinking stuff through my thumbs

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The World Is Violent

We should know. We proivded the jets and guns and bullets. tv news is competitive, if it bleeds it leads is the adage. - slc




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My t.v. stopped getting a signal. Less likely to see the news. Well, unless we intentionally seek it out on the phone. 

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I Try To Follow What's Supposedly Going On

Making sense of it takes diligence. I am at the catching up stage now. The French, apparently, are threatening a country-wide revolution to overthrow the government (well, Macron anyway). Businesses are feeding people. :( slc