Her socks


Well, they

were ALL




In plastic bags


Torn by

Tiny teeth






She walks




Author's Notes/Comments: 


 Black socks by Bill Harley


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To suds out socks and break out needle and thread. I have 8 pairs of houseshoes and walk around in socks - go figure. - slc



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Listen to the song at the link in the author notes

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dirty socks, dirty feet. 

dirty socks, dirty feet.  Barefooting is a lot of fun though.

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I like barefoot

Cept for when there's snow. Then it's just tooo cold.

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I wear flipflops when I walk

I wear flipflops when I walk to the mailbox in snow.  My family expressed concern when I did it barefoot.

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A short walk, or trot to the mailbox wouldnt be so bad. If I had flip flops, they would have been eaten by these little sharks surrounding me. 

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