A road traveled ... Less

I just wanted everything to be

Properly back in their places


It was a strange strange ride

It was something that blew

My mind


I am ever so grateful

For all of the ... struggle


I am ... Strong

Stronger than I had



But it's painful

To be in this reality

I have chosen


A different kind of love

Which isn't always

So terribly ... pleasant






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Morning Glory! Your Moon

Morning Glory! Your Moon flower 

blossoms into the night

Fragrant in the night air

Oh such a sweet delight 


first hint of daylight you sleep

you curl up from the light

It is another side of beauty

You are a creature of the night


A road less traveled for some

your moon flowers are a lovely sight 

The path of Morning glory 

Is to dance by moonlight 




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Love you dovely. Your words make me smile. 

Copyright © morningglory

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Frost's Poem

Just re-read: A Road Not Taken, by Robert Frost - loved his  "a yellow wood" and diverging paths - the one less traveled; taken and not regretted. The poet diverges - norm is for uncreative and timid sojourners. Courage is required for the seemingly less traveled road, but there is another truth: All roads taken require courage actually. ~(:D)-




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I need more courage

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