Just Beachy

Fool's Gold

there you go you motionless lump

I release the,

I absolve the,

I resent the but that's for me not you

to hold on to

you're like beach sand

so warm and pleasant, surrounding me

while I relax

I dig my heels in as I recline with cotton between us

and I feel your support

as you gently massage my sore feet


this fleeting moment,

that's where you belong

I now understand


the plight of the beach trip,

besides sand burs in tender feet,

and an occasional avian drop-off when you least expect it,

is the residue

the inescapable grains of sand-

under nails

in underwear

in your sock drawer six months later

somehow in your wallet

in the dog's eye

in your soup

between your toes in the sheets the following Autumn


these grains of sand,

rock particles

they jog the memory

they bring back images, sounds and smells

that may otherwise have been forgotten

they actually create neural pathways for you

for You

whomever that You is for you,

remember that beautiful day you two spent together at the beach

even if everything went to hell afterwards

because as nature has it,

You won't soon forget

Author's Notes/Comments: 

They say the road to Hell is paved with good intentions but I've gotta go with sand on this one...

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Sassylass's picture

Very well


liked it!


Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....



KindredSpirit's picture

I like the ending


And yeah ,  the road to hell is paved

With sand.


mooncobra's picture

Thank you, KS

Thank you, KS

allets's picture

Mental Syntax

I like the way you put ideas together - nice - Stella