Draw Me A Bath

Fool's Gold

Attention lonely hearts

because I know you're listening intently

you listen as I do

I know it's not my voice you long to hear

you know who is absent

I know I do

but as they say

any port in a storm


the drugs don't work

drugs-legal or illicit, people, sex, food, social media, shopping

pick your poisonous pleasure, they're all the same

some ruin you faster than others but

be honest

can you do that?

now that you're alone,

reading someone else's lonely poem?


You are better off alone

than with whomever decided to leave you alone

when someone leaves you

they are essentially telling you

you aren't worth their time or energy

they'd rather be elsewhere


with others






I have others

but I chose you

I have a little black book too

I have it's ashes

because I burned it when I decided to invest in you


when I realized you had maintained an entire portfolio

well, I didn't want my own book back


I wanted red

red water

a bath

a hot bath

some sweet segue

to soothe this shattered heart

a place to peacefully make the transition

away from your deceit

a quick fix

a prayer answered

the ultimate sin forgiven

not only forgiven


to depart

arriving in a place of total wisdom and transparency

no reptilian brains here



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KindredSpirit's picture

That is "The Partridge Family "

I Love all this.

First time I seen what y' all been doing

Over here.

I'm all in.

Nothing like a Good Hot Bath .


Love your poem especially.

mooncobra's picture

I like how dark...

and circus-like, waltzy that song is. 

Stay for a spell, the water is fine.

mooncobra's picture

I- I- I think I love you.

I- I- I think I love you.

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mooncobra's picture

Excuse me, this is clearly a

Excuse me, this is clearly a picture, not a drawing. Follow the directions as listed above. Thank you.

AngryLaughter's picture

My apologies

Drawn bath

allets's picture


That's pretty horrible as an outcome to a sincere love.  Sad and deplorable - Stella



mooncobra's picture

Writing is therapy for some

Writing is therapy for some people, Stella. Perhaps something to consider, also poets speak in metaphors frequently, death and rebirth often are pertaining to transformation. As always, thank you for reading and I'm always interested in what you have to say.

allets's picture

I Write

to create art, occasionally to get something off my mind or organized from the chaos. My work is mostly existential and surrealist, I use metaphors to say it better or more clearly. The meaning is usually a lie anyway,and most poems are seldom autobiography, but  often a notebook to chronicle an idea or an image, moocobra. Consider this: Poets are liars. I know, I've been one since 1969 (at 65 it is hard to find truth sometimes).



mooncobra's picture

At 65 years old it's sad,

At 65 years old it's sad, deplorable even, that you would condemn others art, their feelings exposed in a public forum that is specifically for that- a safe place to come and express themselves. You can say what you like but no longer to me. I hadn't mentioned to you that Stella is my dog's name, isn't that funny?